Mission & Plan

Our Mission

To help our members maintain good grades and good study habits and to help them pursue education after high school.  Our goal is that our alumni (young adults from poor urban communities) will break the cycle of poverty that exist in their families and communities; first by learning good habits and maintaining good grades in elementary through high school, second by applying research based strategies that will teach and model the skills and knowledge needed for urban youth to make good choices and lastly, by their acceptance into trade schools, community colleges or four year colleges and universities as avenues that will lead to productive lives and sustainable employment.

Our Plan

In partnership with the home and various community organizations. Restore Mentors each youth, works with the family, advocates on the student's behalf at school, and provides links with area religious and social agencies. We want our members to take charge in their lives. We want them to develop their potential by means of personal and spiritual development through education so they can become responsible and contributing members in an ever-changing global society.

Serving Urban Youth by Realizing Potential and Maximizing Achievement